Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter

Harry Potter
Birthday: July, 31st. Has his mother's eyes. Jet-black hair; bright green eyes, cut/scar (shaped like a bolt of lightning) on forehead; small; skinny; thin face; knobby knees; round glasses (fixed with Scotch tape); was supposed to go to a local public school (Stonewall High) before he got his letter from Hogwarts. Youngest seeker in a century. Holly wand; eleven inches; nice and supple; Phoenix feather (cost: seven Gold Galleons).

Harry's Friends

Ron Weasley
Youngest Weasley at Hogwarts. Tall, thin, gangling, with freckles. Big hands and feet, long nose. Wears Bill's old robes, has Charly's old wand and Percy's rat (Scabbers).
Hermione Granger
Has a bossy sort of voice. Lots of bushy brown hair; rather large front teeth. Parents are both muggles (dentists). Reads and learns a lot and gets very good grades.
Neville Longbottom
Round-faced boy. Has a toad called Trevor. His gran's a witch. Broke his wrist when he fell off his broom. Has a remembrall. Great Uncle Algie, Auntie Enid.

Harry's family

Lily Potter
Mrs. Dursley's sister. Lived in Godric's Hollow. Her wand was ten and a quarter inches long, swishy, made of willow, nice wand for charms work. Was head girl at Hogwarts. Killed by Voldemort.
James Potter
Killed by Voldemort on Halloween when Harry was one year old. Was an excellent Quidditch player. Mahagony wand; eleven inches; pliable; a little more power and excellent for transfigurations


Ron's (formerly Percy's) rat.
Harry's snow owl.
Neville's toad.
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